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Why Do You Need Pinterest Advertising?


Follow your ad spend through the funnel, calculate ROI, and scale campaigns.

Pinterest can help you raise social awareness, cultivate interest, and increase brand visibility.

Media Rich
Reposition your brand with one-of-a-kind ad formats that are ideal for aspirational, inspirational, and luxury markets.

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Are you ready to expand your business with our Pinterest Advertising Services?

Pinterest Advertising Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - Pinterest Advertising Services

Benefits of using Pinterest Advertising!

Pinterest, another visually-focused platform, surprisingly has a thriving commercial component, with many users browsing pins to help them make purchasing decisions. Savvy marketers should take advantage of this; Pinterest is ideal for B2C brands in industries such as fashion, furniture, and food. Pinterest, with around 250 million users, can be a powerful addition to your paid social advertising strategy, particularly for users who are currently in the consideration stage of the customer journey.

Pinterest Advertising

With the assistance of a performance-driven Pinterest Advertising Agency, you can make your brand aspirational, inspirational, and accessible.

Consumers spend more time than ever before deliberating over a purchase. 87 percent of Pinterest users say the platform has an impact on their purchasing decisions.

Our Pinterest Ads Agency makes certain that your brand is prominently displayed at all stages of a customer’s purchasing process. We can launch a full-funnel campaign within a single platform using careful creative and data-driven targeting, as well as a comprehensive care strategy to nurture customers and establish brand loyalty.

Adding value to your customers by improving the buying experience – both before and after the purchase – with rich, useful content. As we all know, retargeting a warm or hot audience is up to five times more cost effective than chasing a cold one, and with a much lower CPC than other social media platforms, Pinterest Ads is suitable for brands of all budgets, sales cycles, and verticals.

Our PPC management specialists ensure that you capture these audiences while making the most of your budget. Many people dismiss Pinterest as a non-transactional platform, but with the latest in-app shopping features, it’s not just about pins, but profits.

Pinterest Advertising Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - Pinterest Advertising Services

Our Pinterest Advertising Services!

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pin Ads blend in naturally with relevant users’ search results, category finder, and home news feed.

Customers can be targeted on Pinterest using a combination of keywords (similar to Google Ads) and interests (like Facebook Ads). Depending on the specific goal of your campaign, we will implement audience-centric campaigns. Although expert analysts identify the most motivated and popular key terms to target, this can still be far more specific than interest-based targeting.

Our Pinterest Ads Managers at IT Max Solution will also refine your audience based on the information we gather from understanding and getting to know your brand, including demographic data. This data-driven strategy ensures that your products are always visible and appealing to a target audience.

Promoted Pin Ads outperform organic results in terms of performance, which can help your brand move faster through the sales funnel. They’re also an excellent way to increase brand awareness at a low cost and qualify users for retargeting.

Rich Pins

Rich Pins are one step above promoted Pins. This ad format allows brands to display even more information to users by integrating with catalogues and meta data on your brand’s website.

This gives users an optimised snippet of information about the pin they’re looking at, increasing engagement and brand awareness. This can entice shoppers, viewers, and pinners to visit your website and convert.

Buyable Pins

Buyable Pins are the Pinterest Ad format that allows users to skip straight from ‘discovery’ to ‘purchase,’ and are the platform’s most transactionally-focused ad format.

Pinterest users spend more money per user than any other social media platform, according to statistics. Our team can capture those ready-to-convert customers and maximise your ROAS by using comprehensive targeting and refined audience analytics.

We will also monitor how users behave and interact with brand content using ongoing performance analytics. This data can be used to optimise and entice customers while meeting business KPIs on a consistent basis.

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