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Why Do You Need Facebook Advertising?


Brand Recognition
Use user-friendly content, such as images and videos, to engage your audience.

Targeting Audiences
Use Facebook product ads to reach out to over 2 billion active accounts.

Make use of the Facebook Pixel to boost sales of your products/services.

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Are you ready to expand your business with our Facebook Advertising Services?

Facebook Advertising Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - Facebook Advertising Services

Benefits of using Facebook Ad Platform

The Facebook Ad platform employs a sophisticated targeting system that can pinpoint your ideal customer.
With such a large number of users, you can almost certainly find your target customer there, waiting for you to advertise to them. You can choose to target anyone.

Whatever you’re selling, you’ll find a customer who wants or needs it!

The Facebook Ad platform employs a sophisticated targeting system that can pinpoint your ideal customer. For instance, their interests, age, and location. There aren’t many websites anymore that don’t have the Facebook Pixel installed, which categorises users’ interests so that ads can be targeted.

Facebook Advertising!

The leader of social networks is undoubtedly Facebook. Every day, millions of users spend hours on Facebook to communicate with friends, read funny stories or browse photos. These are users with different interests, gender, age, marital status, place of residence.

Your ideal client is also on Facebook, and with our help, he will find you. Facebook advertising is one of the most preferred methods at the moment due to its tight targeting and high conversion rate.

Facebook Advertising Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - Facebook Advertising Services

Our Facebook Advertising Services!

Using data to fuel your strategy, our expert team works to leverage profitable results.

Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Ads were introduced in 2015 and have proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate leads. Lead ads, which do not require a landing page, allow you to keep the user on Facebook while collecting important information such as their name, email address, and phone number.

Most importantly, you can qualify leads by using custom questions. This is ideal for service-based businesses that want to learn more about potential customers before picking up the phone and speaking with them.

IT Max Solution can assist you in developing a lead generation campaign that is designed to reach people at the right time, on any device, including mobile. Our creative Facebook Marketing Agency works hard to understand your objectives and deliver tangible results.


Facebook Messenger has become an essential part of social networking, with over one billion active users each month. With so many people using the app, it was only a matter of time before Facebook added a way for businesses to capitalize on this audience and generate revenue.

Marketing via Messenger is effective because it provides a personalized approach. Because of its conversational nature, it is now outperforming email for some businesses, with an incredible 80% open rate and an average 40% increase in click-through rates.


A business can benefit greatly from Facebook remarketing. Immediate results – a customer who has previously visited your website or engaged with your ad is 70% more likely to convert and purchase!

We can use the power of the mighty Facebook Pixel to leverage your business in SO many ways by installing it on your website or app:

*By focusing on people who have visited your website in the last 180 days. This is fantastic if you want to re-engage people who may have forgotten about you, or if you want to remind recent website visitors of products they’ve seen but haven’t yet purchased.

*By tracking website activity, such as when a product is added to the basket or a visitor subscribes to your email list. All aspects of your website can be tracked, which we can then use to drive sales and sign-ups in our campaigns.

*By locating more people who may purchase your products or inquire about your services, you can rapidly expand your business.

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads are one of the most effective ways for eCommerce brands to increase revenue and ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend).

To illustrate, have you ever been on Amazon, looked at a product, and then checked your Facebook page? If so, did you immediately recognise the product you’d been eyeing? That is a dynamic product advertisement!

Send out ‘gentle’ reminders…

You can personalise Facebook ads for your business and remind people about items they haven’t yet purchased with this type of campaign. Customers can also be targeted with products that are similar to those they have already viewed or purchased.

They serve as a reminder of previously seen but forgotten items, as well as the ability to show those customers similar products. As a result, our team can create results-driven campaigns that target your ideal customer by showing them ads for products they’ve previously viewed. And we accomplish this by getting to know you, your business, and your potential customers, as well as using the right tools to create effective Facebook product ads that get you the results you want.

We like to think of it as a mash-up of magic and technology!

The Pixel

The Facebook Pixel is a priceless analytics tool (code) developed by Facebook experts. And IT Max Solution team puts it to good use when creating targeted campaigns to bring you more business.

By installing it on your website (don’t worry, we’ll take care of that!) the Pixel can help us track conversions from Facebook Ads for your business by monitoring visitors to your site. Simply put, having this data at our disposal allows us to target the right audiences for your future ads and remarket to those who have already visited your site.

It’s useful because it tells us they’re interested in what you have to offer (otherwise, why would they have visited your site in the first place?). But what’s really smart is that we can now show your products to customers who, for whatever reason, didn’t take the final step and buy or book the first time. It could have been for any number of reasons; what matters is that we can now talk to them again and remind them that you’re still here and have something wonderful to offer them!

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