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Why Do You Need LinkedIn Advertising?


Increase your ROI
LinkedIn enables you to forensically target the users who are most important to your business. To increase ROI, we use these insight-driven metrics to capture your target audience with tailored messaging.

Audience Specification
To reach the most valuable audiences for your services or products, target decision-makers in specific industries and regions or choose specialized interests.

LinkedIn accounts for roughly 80% of all qualified B2B leads generated through social media. Using this platform increases engagement, growth, and interest in your company like nothing else.

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Are you ready to expand your business with our LinkedIn Advertising Services?

LinkedIn Advertising Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - LinkedIn Advertising Services

Benefits of using LinkedIn Advertising!

Consider this. Advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Google provides many businesses with invaluable exposure, creative flexibility, and strategy-driven advertising that reaches millions of people worldwide.

However, getting granular with your targeting is important if you are a B2B organisation. Delivering the right message to the right user is critical for securing those clicks and converting prospects into loyal customers.

LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking site, with over 400 million users worldwide.

When you combine this with innovative, results-driven strategies from a LinkedIn marketing agency like ours, you’ll wonder why you didn’t advertise on this platform sooner.

LinkedIn Advertising

Unlike any other platform, LinkedIn offers opportunities. And, despite being one of the more recent advertising platforms, its ambition to become the largest B2B network in the world is undeniable.

And, while the scope of this untapped market is astounding, for any business, it is frequently insufficient to propel your B2B company to the forefront of your industry.

You require results-driven strategies that are tailored to your company’s specific requirements. To get your business in front of the right people at the right time, you need creative insights and an expert hand.

This is where we step in.

As an experienced LinkedIn marketing agency, we focus on the industries, companies, and decision-makers who will make a difference in your business.

Our in-house experts research your company and the industry in order to create, innovate, and integrate LinkedIn marketing into the overall strategy.

LinkedIn Advertising Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - LinkedIn Advertising Services

Our LinkedIn Advertising Services!

Audience Targeting

LinkedIn, like all other platforms, provides something distinct, but for B2B businesses and services, this means the most valuable demographics. It also includes a large number of users who do not have access to any other social media platforms.

B2B conversions typically have a much higher value than B2C conversions. With developed, sophisticated LinkedIn marketing, using the most appropriate platform could mean big differences and huge ROI for your brand.

As a LinkedIn Advertising Agency, we not only make connections and increase impressions among important people, but we also work to expand that foundational or initial audience. To take advantage of everything this platform has to offer, we can work on individual, personal profiles as well as brand or company accounts.

We believe in LinkedIn advertising that thinks outside the box, but is supported by data. All of our campaigns are guided by your operational goals and what you hope to achieve.

LinkedIn audiences can be found and targeted based on job title (seniority), company size and scale, industry, location, education level, and connections. Audiences can also be based on input data, allowing you to follow up on lost leads and re-ignite interest in your brand.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

LinkedIn Paid Ads is a channel that is becoming increasingly popular, particularly as user behaviour on the platform evolves.

Our in-house experts create and execute innovative campaigns tailored to your company and this one-of-a-kind platform.

We control how your brand communicates and expands its reach with customers, from text and sponsored ads that allow for a lot of creative freedom with content and incite emotions, to inMail ads that send targeted, exclusive messages directly to the user’s inbox, or dynamic ads that personalise the promotion to individuals. Each ad will be chosen based on your goals and objectives, but they will always be optimised and strategically implemented.

Because of our approach to LinkedIn advertising, we are constantly innovating and developing your campaign. Throughout our partnership, we collect data to continuously improve the performance, reach, and bottom-line impact of your ads.

Organic Awareness Campaigns

The power of organic should never be underestimated. We collaborate with your internal team to launch a consistent, optimised, and powerful organic LinkedIn advertising campaign. It all begins with content.

We’ll use an authoritative, relatable tone to establish your leadership as industry experts. A well-researched content calendar will ensure that we capitalise on every industry event and key date, subtly but effectively promoting your brand to increase engagement, brand awareness, and achieve top of the funnel objectives.

Depending on your objectives, we will reach out and make connections on your behalf, targeting similar thinkers or entirely new audiences.

As LinkedIn advertising catches up to big brother competitors like Facebook Ads, new features are being developed. We’ll keep your brand at the forefront of industry developments by creating relevant content that’s focused and strategically angled to elicit engagement.

Employee engagement is critical in organic LinkedIn marketing. Our service is designed to tell your story and make it as accessible to as many people as possible. We will get everyone on the team (no matter how big or small) involved in commenting, creating and sharing their opinion, or showcasing their work – all while establishing your brand on the ultimate, B2B platform.

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