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What is the best location to bury a body? Google’s second page!

Using IT Max Solution Team for Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ads management, you can ensure that your brand is the first thing people see when searching for your services.

As a Google Partner, our PPC team is skilled at assisting brands in increasing their visibility, clicks, and conversions. From Google Shopping to Search, we’ll make sure your brand appears for the search terms that are important to you.

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ads Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ads Services 2
Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ads Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ads Services 1

Are you ready to expand your business with our Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ads Services?

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ads Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ads Services

Benefits of using Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ads!

Paid advertisements spur action. True, this is the quickest way into digital, but it can be a minefield and costly if not done correctly.

Our PPC agency can assist you in levelling the playing field and not only competing, but also standing out among the heavy hitters in your industry.

We are an experienced team that is prepared to deliver results regardless of your brand’s mission or challenges. We can create profitable, charged campaigns from the ground up or revitalise underperforming existing ads.

PPC Platforms?

Google ads

Google receives more than 40 billion impressions per month as the most visited website on the planet. As a result, it’s a no-brainer to make sure your brand is prominently displayed on everyone’s number one search engine. Google Ads is divided into three categories: Shopping, Search, and Google Display Network. We’ll work with you to ensure that your brand appears in the placements that are most appropriate for you.


YouTube advertising puts your brand in front of an engaged audience through a variety of targeting and ad format options. YouTube, which is owned by Google, falls into the ‘display’ advertising category. YouTube, like other sites in Google’s ecosystem, has grown in popularity among advertisers. Users can be targeted based on their age and gender, their interests and purchase intent, and the content they are viewing.

Bing Ads

We are not solely focused on Google as a full-service PPC management agency. We also have the knowledge and experience to take over your Bing activity. Despite being less popular than Google, Bing advertising provides some unique opportunities. We will assist you in capitalizing on a lower cost per click than other platforms, allowing for greater ROI.

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ads Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ads Services

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Ads Services!

PPC is big business, with brands continuing to invest a lot of money into the channel. Here are some of the features of our service.


Shopping advertisements and eCommerce go hand in hand. Our Google experts have honed their Shopping strategy, resulting in high traffic volumes and exceptional conversion rates. We recommend that all paid social and PPC clients sign up with our friends at Feed Optimise to ensure the safety of your Shopping feeds and Merchant Centres.

Paid Search

Paid Search has high consumer intent because users actively search for products and services. Google Search ads will appear above organic search results and will be linked to the user’s keywords. Using search will put your ads in front of people who are specifically looking for your company or keywords.


Display ads are a low-cost way to reach your target customers on the websites they visit. Display advertising, when combined with video, can reach your target audience where they spend their time by utilising Google Display Network, Google Marketing Platform, Youtube, and programmatic partners.

Ad Copy

Ad copy is critical to success, particularly in the world of PPC. Our copywriting team’s wonderful wordsmiths are experts at making first impressions count. We’ll work our magic on your campaigns, crafting copy that captures the essence of your brand while converting your audience into satisfied customers.


One of the most effective forms of PPC is remarketing. Remarketing creates massive opportunities for conversion by targeting audiences who have already expressed an interest in your product or service, often at a much lower cost than other forms of digital advertising.

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