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Why do you need an Instagram Advertising Agency?


Brand Awareness

Use user-friendly content to connect with your audience.


Utilize Instagram shopping ads to increase website sales and generate a high ROI.

Audience Targeting

Profit from over 1 billion active accounts.

Instagram Advertising Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - Instagram Advertising Services 1
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Are you ready to expand your business with our Instagram Advertising Services?

Instagram Advertising Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - Instagram Advertising Services

Benefits of using Instagram Advertising!

Influencer marketing is becoming more mature. It is still a mix of major influencers (with millions of followers) and micro-influencers (with a few hundred followers). And, depending on your objectives, each has a place.

However, influencers are insufficient.

Customers can tell when a relationship is forced or phony. In other words, when someone is paid to say how great your products are! If you do decide to use this type of marketing, we recommend that you use an Influencer who has fewer followers but is true to your brand and uses your product or service.

The IT Max Solution team of digital marketing specialists will supplement your efforts by utilizing paid Instagram advertising to provide the ideal blend of trust and the ability to reach a new and larger audience.

Instagram Ads

Instagram, with over 1 billion monthly active users, is also an important paid social channel for eCommerce. Instagram is perhaps the most visually appealing social platform, and it’s this eye-catching aesthetic that makes it the ideal place for advertisers in the fashion world to push their campaigns, as well as the travel, homeware, and food sectors. In-app shopping features highlight your products, making it even easier for users to make that all-important purchase. We’ll create eye-catching ads that stand out in the feed and on Stories, giving your brand the Insta treatment. Your brand is looking fantastic.

Instagram Advertising Agency - IT Max Solution - Innovative Digital Agency - Instagram Advertising Services

Our Instagram Advertising Services!

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is why Instagram Marketing is so effective. One image can convey so much. However, it must be the right picture, at the right time, and for the right audience.

Our Methodology

As a leading Instagram Advertising Agency in London, IT Max Solution can assist you in capitalising on the 31% of shoppers who use Instagram to research their next purchase.

How will we accomplish this? The key, as with all of our services, is to get to know your company and develop a working relationship with you that allows us to instinctively know who your target customer is and what will appeal to them. Don’t worry, we don’t rely solely on instinct. To back up our magical digital marketing abilities, we have years of experience, expertise, and analytics tools!

The team at IT Max Solution can ensure the effectiveness of Instagram Marketing by fully understanding it – the age range of users, where they live, and their gender. And, because Instagram uses Facebook’s demographic data to show ads to your ideal customers, the tool is extremely useful when targeting a niche audience.

The Pixel

The Pixel is a priceless analytics tool (code) developed by Facebook experts. We use it to great effect as a leading Instagram Advertising Agency when creating targeted campaigns to get you more business.

Installing it on your website (don’t worry, we’ll take care of that!) allows us to monitor visitors to your site and use that data to track conversions from Instagram Shopping Ads for you.

Having this intelligence at our disposal allows us to target the right audiences for your future ads and remarket to those who have previously visited your site.

It’s useful because it tells us they’re interested in what you have to offer (otherwise, why would they have visited your site in the first place?). But what’s really smart is that we can now show your products to customers who, for whatever reason, didn’t take the final step and buy or book the first time. It could have been for a variety of reasons, but the important thing is that we can now reconnect with them and remind them that you’re still here and have something great to offer them!

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